Nutrition research institute - Nutifood Sweden

Meeting The Strictest Standards

At Nutifood’s Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden, we strive for international-standard products which meet the strictest qualifications from the most demanding markets to come up with the best nutritional solutions for customers of different ages.

European Union organic certification

FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000:2005
- International Food Safety Management System

HACCP - Hazard analysis and
critical control points

GMP - International Certificate on
Good Manufacturing Practices

NutiFood Nutrition Research
Institute In Sweden

As the holy land of the world-leading experts, Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute In Sweden applies the most quintessential and advanced nutrition technologies, focuses on developing European-standard nutritional solutions to meet the specific needs of children and consumers of all ages.


the bilateral collaboration between
Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute
In Vietnam and Sweden




join hands in researching advanced scientific and technological achievements




participate in research, education and training to improve the standard of nutritional operations in our community

0+ years

of experience in health care to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific physical conditions of each age and pathology

4 Core Missions

Research European nutrition standards


Learn about the latest scientific and technological research and achievements


Develop European standard nutritional solutions, meeting the specific nutritional needs of children and consumers of all ages

Practically implement to develop the physical
conditions of future generations


Bring research achievements into Nutifood’s exclusive products


Hold training courses, communications programs to enhance the nutritional knowledge for health organizations and communities

Pioneering Achievements

  • 01 Exclusive FDI formula:

  • 02 The first high standard nutritious

01 Exclusive FDI formula:
Foundation of Enhanced immunity - Healthy digestion

Being the perfect combination of the two nutrients 2'FL-HMO and FOS, the FDI formula helps children enhance Strong immunity and Good digestion - key foundations for the comprehensive growth of children. Clinical studies have proven that the formula helps children improve their digestive disorders, constipation, and diarrhea and absorb optimal nutrients. FDI formula also nourishes beneficial gut microbiota, which boosts immune systems and protects children from diseases.

Reduce by 59%

infection rates

Reduce by 45,9%



of mothers trusted

02 The first high standard nutritious fresh milk in Vietnam with 3.5 G protein - 4.0 G fat

Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute In Sweden has cooperated with Nutifood’s experts for 2 years to invent the set of Quality Standards applying Swedish agricultural techniques at NutiMilk's Dairy Cow Farm to cultivate the highest standard fresh milk in Vietnam with nutritional content with 3.5 G protein, 4.0 G fat in 100 mL equivalent to any imported fresh milk.


nutritional elements

for dairy cows' most
suitable diet in each
development stage


liters of milk/day/cow

is the standard production to ensure that cows grow well and provide the best quality milk



from raw milk to final product, to fully preserve the delicious flavor and nutritional content