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Every nation has specific nutritional needs for different age groups and physical conditions. By combining the world's most advanced technologies with practical expertise in nutritional care, we have crafted optimal nutritional solutions for the development of health, stature, and intelligence, bringing smiles and inspiration to the lives of millions of consumers. This is the mission of Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden (NNRIS).

Operated by a team of world-leading experts, incorporating with Nutifood's 20+ years of experience, NNRIS commits to providing European standard nutritional solutions to help the coming generations achieve their full potential.




Established in Bjuv City, Southern Sweden - known as the “milk belt” of the country - producing formula milk, porridge and cereal for infants.


Account for 40% of the Northern European market in terms of milk and nutritious porridge for babies. Now expanding to new markets in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.


Nutifood in Sweden represents a “handshake” between 3 major companies in nutrition industry: Nutifood - third largest milk company in Vietnam, Backahill Group and Skånemejerier Ekonomisk Förening - the second largest nutrition group in Sweden.


The establishment Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden is to accomplish a mission of incorporating European advanced nutrition technologies and the inheritance of scientific and practical expertise in nutritional care to contribute to the full potential in stature and intelligence for young generations.

- The “Origin” of the World’s
Leading High Standard Milk

At this "heaven on earth" with high living standards and the world's leading milk industry, Nutifood Sweden commences its journey of bringing the quintessence of European nutrition standards to contribute to future generations.

No.3 in top 3 countries with
highest living standard
  • Top 10 happiest country in the world
  • Top 10 country with highest life expectancy
  • Top 20 country with tallest average height
Top 5 world's cleanest
69% is forest’s area
and 9% is area of lakes and rivers.
Vast grasslands with clean air and water
  • Approximately 69% of the total land area is covered in forests and 9% of the area constitutes lakes and rivers.
  • Sweden also has vast grasslands with clean air and water.
Top 10 organic milk-producing
countries worldwide
  • Total annual milk production is up to 2.8 billion liters.
Highest quality
control standard
  • Certificate of origin CoO, EUR.1
"The heart" of the world's
quintessence of nutritional science
  • Surrounded by largest global nutrition corporations such as Fonterra, BASF, DSM, etc.
High quality raw materials among
the countries with the lowest antibiotic consumption levels in Europe
  • Antibiotics restriction in agriculture and animal husbandry were adopted early in 1980
  • Strictest animal welfare regulations in Europe, specifying cows must be raised free-range for at least 120 days per year to remain healthy and ensure milk quality.

From the Understanding of Specific Physical Needs
of Children and Consumers of All Ages

Continuing challenges in the the current state of nutritional & health care

Nutritional Solutions
From Europe
- "Heaven on Earth"
With a Superior Living Standard

Center of world-leading nutrition corporations such as BASF, DSM... A holy land for experts working on the most advanced nutrition and health care achievements.

Standards that help consumers to easily select the most nutritious products, such as; product labeling, regulations restricting unhealthy ingredients, and more.

FBDG standard (Food-Based Dietary Guidelines) on the appropriate foods, food groups, and dietary patterns for EU countries serves as the basis for the application of nutritional studies to continuously improve living quality.

NutiFood Nutrition Research Institute In Sweden

- For Outstanding Future Generations

Being the core of Nutifood Sweden's mission - bringing world-class nutrition solutions from Sweden to improve the health quality of generations, Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden was established with 4 key goals:

Attracting world-leading doctors and nutritionists

Applying the most advanced knowledge and achievements on nutritional science and technology

Making constant research and development on European standard nutritional solutions to meet specific physical and nutrition needs of each age group

Delivering training and communication programs to enhance the nutritional knowledge for health organizations and consumers

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Nutifood Sweden Factory
- Eu Organic Certification
Producing Nutritional Products for Specific Physical Conditions

Confidently meeting strictest quality standards
Professional research and testing laboratory

400.000 TONS

Of milk each year
from Organic farms


Of our experts' experience


Products each year
from the plant


Organic in compliance with European standards

Nutritional Solutions
From Experts

Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute In Sweden focuses on building exclusive formulas
based on specific nutritional needs of children and consumers of all ages.