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NutiFood partners with BASF to produce HMO products

Posted on 23/04/2021

NutiFood is the first Vietnamese dairy company to cooperate with a European corporation to bring HMO into its line of nutrition products.

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for children. Scientists have researched and discovered that in human milk there is a substance called Human Milk Oligosaccharides, or HMO, which is the third most common ingredient and used to support gut and immune functions in the child. Therefore, breast-fed infants are likely to be associated with lower risk of gastrointestinal infections and allergies than formula-fed infants.

BASF has successfully researched and produced 2’-fucosyllactose (2’-FL), the most abundant HMO in breast milk. The German-headquartered BASF is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of human nutrition. In the partnership plan, BASF will provide HMO to NutiFood to apply in NutiFood products.

“NutiFood has conducted research to create the best products for children,” said Dr. Tran Thi Le, CEO of NutiFood. “Discovering the HMO is a breakthrough in infant nutritional science, and as a company of nutrition experts who have created pioneering nutritional products, our company has signed a deal with BASF to obtain HMO, in the expectation of Vietnamese children gaining access to advanced and early global standards of nutrition. In particular, the application of HMO in NutiFood’s products will help Vietnamese children enjoy the best nutrition, help support digestive health, increase the ability to absorb nutrients, and set a strong foundation for the best start in life.”

Mr. Francois Scheffler, Senior Vice President at BASF Global Human Nutrition, said that BASF recognizes NutiFood as one of the top local players in Vietnam’s infant nutrition and dairy market. BASF and NutiFood share a similar vision of “providing the right nutrients to the right people at the right time”. BASF believes that working with a household brand like NutiFood with strong growth potential will enable the Vietnamese population to benefit from good quality and accessible infant nutrition products.